Soffits are just as important to the guttering system as fascias. They serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose and is the skin that covers the eaves of the roof. Without it, you would be able to see the rafter beams fully exposed. Our soffits are vented so air can flow through the vents to provide adequate ventilation for your loft or attic. Without this important ventilation, condensation would form in the loft and eventually rot away the timbers.

Wooden soffits are prone to rot so that is why we only use quality uPVC soffits on all of our new installations. As with our fascias, uPVC never cracks, peels or flakes and never needs painting or preserving. Virtually maintenance free, our soffits are robust, hard wearing and come in different styles and colours. Our team will be more than happy to detail you make the right choice on the best soffits for your property.

The soffit board is usually the board that is most visible from the street and is tucked away under the fascia board. Our experienced team can explain more and help you match both the fascias and the soffits to create a uniform look for your home.

We do not always need a deposit before we get started on any job and our no obligation quotations come with very competitive prices.

Soffits along with fascias can enhance any home and can provide a clean, simple look to finish off any roof.

So, for the installation of new soffits and fascias or the repair of existing ones, call the professional team at Suffolk Fascias today on any of the numbers at the top of the page, we look forward to being of service to you.